There’s a moment in the creative world when someone, somewhere has to create something where once there was nothing. Hours of work, meetings, focus groups, research and strategy all riding on what you create.

That space is fascinating to me. I love meeting people behind remarkable creative work and hearing how they treat it. I thought sharing those personal stories with others on the front end of creating advertising (or anything, really) seemed like something that should happen. Maybe it makes all our journeys (and the work) a little more interesting, or fun, or ridiculous.

I’m often asked about my agenda for this project, and that’s it.

I’m Andy Askren, creative director at Grady Britton in beautiful Portland, OR. This little lovechild side-project would not happen if not for the heavy lifting and support of my audio compadre Eric and his company, Digital One. You should know them.

PS. About the name of this podcast: years ago, I ran across a poster with a cheery take on a phrase I sometimes used to sign off emails. Encouraging, optimistic without being too too, right? Figured it was meant to be. Maybe you need a copy of your very own?