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If you were an idea, you’d want to come from one of these people.

Hear how some of the creative world’s best got into the business, what keeps them in it and how great work gets to be that way. That, and whatever else comes up.

Derek Walker, Sally Morrow + David Morrow
DesignWeek Portland 2019 panel

How can an industry built on newer/fresher/bolder still be so blind to biases of diversity, equality, and inclusion within its own walls?

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"The only industry that struggles with finding people is advertising." Derek Walker, Sally Morrow + David Morrow
Josh Kenyon + Colby Nichols
Paired up for Good: Jolby & Friends

Meet Josh. Meet Colby. Together you have the sunshiney design duo behind one of the happiest, most chill crews of creative do-gooders out there: Jolby & Friends.

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"It needs to be bigger than us, otherwise we're not doing anything good." Josh Kenyon + Colby Nichols
Donna Lamar + David F. Walker
DesignWeek Portland 2018 panel

Creativity, meet diversity. Ideas, meet inclusion. Meet two of the creative world’s finest who are making that spectacular collision of creativity and culture work on their own terms, and in their own ways: Donna Lamar and David F. Walker.

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"Changing the world starts by changing the room you're in." Donna Lamar + David F. Walker
Anne Elisco-Lemme
Executive Creative Director at Duncan Channon

When Anne Elisco-Lemme joined Duncan Channon as employee #7, she probably didn’t see her experience one day becoming creative boss of the whole shbang. Art Director to Executive Creative Director at a single agency: makes for a pretty simple resume (like she’d even need one now.)

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"The good ones always think they're frauds." Anne Elisco-Lemme
Bill Borders
The 'B' in BPN: aka Borders, Perrin, Norrander

You probably owe this man a drink. Bill Borders and early creative opportunists like him literally defined the golden age of creative advertising. When ads moved from something that filled media space to something worth people’s time. Rewarding attention with a thought, a twist, a chuckle. And lo and behold, it paid off for clients, too.

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"Have fun. It bubbles over and shows up in the work." Bill Borders
Glenn Cole
Chief Creative Officer, Founding Partner of 72andSunny

Glenn Cole, major ball of light & energy at 72andSunny, sat down with us over a couple beers recently as part of Design Week Portland 2016. And when you get the chance to chat up someone known not only for creating great work but also responsible for creating a great agency, you take it. Even if means doing it in front of a live audience.

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"Make yourself buy-able." Glenn Cole
Tracy Wong
Exec. Creative Director, Co-Founder WONGDOODY

Who wants to be Art Director #729? Sure, everyone wants to work on the hot accounts, but as the principal and founder of WONGDOODY puts it, “It’s easier to make a name for yourself where nothing good has been done before.”

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"The greatest creative weapon you have is your ears." Tracy Wong
Danielle Trivisonno Hawley
CCO, Americas at POSSIBLE

Danielle is Chief Creative Officer, Americas at POSSIBLE. A fitting agency name for someone who’s never settled for What Is when What Could Be was out there to be made. And who better to make it happen than her.

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"I love the beauty that comes out of people because of how we inspire them." Danielle Trivisonno Hawley
JD Hooge
CCO at Instrument

Before digital design had any kind of best practices, there were those passionate few who could see what wasn’t working, ignored what “you’re supposed to do” and just fixed it. Elegantly. With soul. And maybe a little magic.

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"Remember you're actually doing something fun." JD Hooge
Jelly Helm
Creative Director at Studio Jelly

Meet Jelly Helm, Creative Director at Studio Jelly, among other things. Hear how he got into the biz, why avoiding a job offer can be a really good thing, and why fresh & brave beats hard-working & disciplined every time.

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"Great work has 3 qualities: interesting, relevant, and true." Jelly Helm
Joe Staples
Executive CD at Wieden+Kennedy

Dad, runner, cyclist, and executive creative director at one of the world’s premier ad agencies. Just don’t call him “Adman” or he could easily choke you out. (Seriously.) Advertising, meet jiu-jitsu, meet Joe Staples.

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"Think very big and execute very small. Very, very simply." Joe Staples